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Grove for the Gold!

The clogging group that I’m a member of decided at the beginning of this year that those who wanted to should enter a national competition in Grove, OK. It happens every year around the same time & although it was last month, I thought I’d go ahead & tell our story. It was a long, determined 6 months worth of practice & hard work, but we were all in it to give our best & to have fun!

Not only was there a competition, but also a workshop. It was an interesting one, held at the Grove Civic Center. On one side, in a large room were cloggers, and in the other half of the building, there was a fiddle workshop & competition going on that weekend. Since both hobbies go well together, I guess that’s why they hold this event for each, at the same time, every year. In any case, the cool thing for me was that Katrina got to come & it was her first ever clogging workshop. She’s not a seasoned enough dancer to compete, just yet, but I figure she’d have fun & probably pick up some moves at the workshop, in any case…

The workshop was also a short one — only 4 hours on Friday. But, we were all invited to go to a camp on Grand Lake for dinner & dancing & enjoying fiddle music in the evening. Since she didn’t want to participate, Kat & I sat out, but there was even a special dance at the end of the evening, where some of the cloggers got to show off their skills to the fiddlers. Katrina’s Nana, Annette as well as a few of the other dancers on our competition team decided to take part in that & they did a wonderful job, showcasing some of the “mountain figures” they had just learned, earlier in the day!

The next morning was the “big day” for us competitors. We had 3 routines to perform, each in a different category. We were all nervous & excited at the same time. Although it was kinda’ “by default”, since there were no other teams in our age division (30+), we actually won, placing first for our category & division, all 3 times! We didn’t take any “overall grand champion” titles; those mainly went to the kids groups that competed, but we all still had a great time & it gave us a wonderful sense of achievement & accomplishment!

I think Katrina enjoyed just being there & getting to stay overnight in a different city — her first “roadtrip” with her Nana & Mama, to go somewhere else & enjoy the new hobby she’s really been getting into lately. I’m proud of how good she was for the duration, as well. And, thanks to all my clogging friends that helped to keep an eye on her, when I had to compete, too! It was a journey worth remembering! Enjoy the photos!

Run Ragged

Well, I’m just about as worn out as I can be, these days, although I don’t have a seriously good reason as to why. It’s partially due to the fact that we spent most of the week running around to different vendors who sell materials for home building (countertops, flooring, appliances, etc.). It seems like any “free” time I might’ve gotten was instead spent helping to decide what look/texture/etc. would be best for what room. I’m not complaining, because it has been fun, so far. I just wish I had the energy that my children have, at times… Another couple of things that have affected my mood recently are the weather, for one: it keeps raining here. In my locale, we don’t seem to get a little rain, here & there. We get a “rainy season” which is typically in-between summer & fall. I’ve known this for years, but it still seems to depress me, a little more each time. Not that we’ve just had downpours, or anything. We just keep having dark, cloudy days with no sunshine. Again, not trying to complain, because it has caused cooler temperatures to set in, which is a bit enjoyable, if it wasn’t for all the humidity, at least… What I *will* complain about, however is the second thing that is affecting my temperament dramatically & that’s my allergies. They are driving me crazy these days! The itchy eyes & runny nose that know no relief, especially! I can take a pill, but the help it provides doesn’t really last long enough to give me peace about them. All I can do is suffer through & try not to pass out asleep from my eyes being so dry & itchy that they are constantly wanting to shut… *sigh* Perhaps they will get better when fall finally settles in, for good. At least that’s what they’ve done in the past. Here’s looking forward to then…

It’s Official

Well, I’ve been back to clogging practice for a couple of months now & am really enjoying it, again! I’ve learned several new routines & have enjoyed dancing some of the “oldies but goodies” as well. So, just recently, our instructor asked if I would like a t-shirt, so that I can participate in exhibitions (shows) with the group. And, I just got it on Thursday night. It says “Turtle Creek Cloggers” & has a cute painting of a turtle in clogging shoes. It also has my name on the back, so I feel truly “official” now! I haven’t participated in an exhibition yet, due to some scheduling conflicts, but I plan to join them soon & I’m really looking forward to it! Yay for performing & sharing something that I love to do, once more!!! 🙂

Taking on a Strange Shape

Ok, so I’ve recently come to a realization which I was hoping wasn’t true: I’m not as “in shape” as I thought I was! Ha-ha! My Mom & I went to a scrapbooking convention this past Friday & as much fun as it was, getting to spend some time with her & to just hang out & shop for crop stuff, I was truly worn out, when it was all said & done! We walked around, browsing & buying for about 6 hours, well, 5 hours, since we took a break for lunch, actually. I really didn’t buy much, but got some great ideas & enjoyed seeing all the cute items there were. Mom bought a few things & even a couple for me, which was sweet. It was a great day. Then, when we took Katrina to ride her bike without training wheels, I took turns with Jeremy, helping her balance. She got to pedaling so quickly that each of us needed to jog, in order to keep up with her & sadly, even though it was only about 1/8 mile, if that, each time we took a turn, he & I both got “winded”! I’m glad we at least had each other there, to take turns with! I can’t imagine just one of us doing it, on our own… It makes me wonder how I keep up with clogging for a couple of hours each week, though… Hmmm… Hopefully, getting that exercise in will help keep me active enough that I have the stamina to endure other activities w/our kids, in the near future!

Conquering the Everyday Stuff

I’ve really been getting a lot done, lately! It’s amazing what you can do when one of your children is at school and the other is napping! Ha-ha! But seriously, I’m enjoying at least the thought that I’m being more productive, here at home. Each day, I tackle a “little” project: typically something that has just been put off, or put on the back burner for way too long, as it is. And, surprisingly, I’m managing to keep up with the normal, “day-to-day” things, as well. I’ve had a couple of minor setbacks, due to having to meet with our homebuilders at the drop of a hat, but even that is probably going to change, really soon! I’m so grateful that God gives me the strength that I need to get through even the simplest of tasks! And, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming joy at the sense of accomplishment He’s given me, lately! 🙂

Getting on Schedule

It seems that I’m finally getting back to a “normal” schedule, now, since Katrina’s going back to school & things are coming together. There are certain things we like to do on particular days of the month (such as grocery shopping/paying bills/etc.) that I have just not been as “on top of” this summer as I’d like to be. Nothing’s delinquent, I just prefer to have things done on a more regular, patterned basis, typically. Well, now that we’ve got all the necessary items for Kat to start school, we’re beginning to get back into our “fall routine”, which for some reason lifts my spirits. I think it’s just because I like to feel that I know when things are going to happen, to a point… It’s strange to think that our summer vacation is coming to an end, already, but at the same time, I’m happy to be getting back to a regular schedule. I hope everyone else has enjoyed their summer break & is looking forward to the fall, too!

Back to the Basics

Well, this week has been one of catching up for me, it seems. Last week, when I was sick, I couldn’t get a lot done around here, because I basically just felt like getting tons of rest, which is thankfully what my family let me do. Now, I have my voice back, so I’ve been able to return phone calls & to just be up & about, in general. And, I don’t know why we don’t appreciate those abilities more, to be honest. I think that maybe it takes something like an illness to help us realize how much we can actually do, on a regular, day-to-day basis, once we’re feeling “normal” again. I’m grateful that I’m over that head cold & able to get on with the simple, great things in life! 🙂

No Fun Being Sick

I’ve been sick the past couple of days & it’s no fun. I planned on taking Katrina to the Music Camp they have for elementary school aged children at our church each day this week, but yesterday, I had Jeremy take her, instead. I had only been able to get a couple of hours of sleep & was up sniffling & coughing most of the night. I woke up on time to help her get ready, but didn’t figure I should drive, being as drowsy as I was… Today was a bit better. I actually got some good rest last night & Jeremy’s been letting me nap in the afternoons, too, but this post nasal drip is really making my throat sore & I’ve got little of my voice left, as well. I hope this goes away soon. It is something that Jeremy actually had a few weeks ago, but since neither I nor the girls caught it back then, we figured we were “in the clear”. Thankfully, the girls still seem just fine. I’m the “lucky one” who caught it, after all this time, I guess you could say… I know it shouldn’t last for long, though. I hope & pray it’s over with, sooner than later, of course.

Family Treasures

Yesterday, it hit me. I’ve really been enjoying spending time with my family, lately. We went on a trip to a science center, which is something that we all like. But, it’s not only that, really… It’s just being able to enjoy the time together & have fun, bonding & experiencing things together – some new, some that we’ve done before, but that bring back wonderful memories. I love hearing my girls laugh & see their little joyful spirits burst into song or dance over the simplest of life’s pleasures. And, to share those moments with my husband makes them even more blissful, to me. God has truly blessed me & I plan to cherish all these precious moments! Watching the girls interact, both at home & away, seeing them develop new skills, like Katrina’s growing confidence while riding on her two-wheeler bike, or Alyssa’s expression when she realizes she’s learned a new word, these are just a few of them that Jeremy and I have had the pleasure of noticing & sharing this summer. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for our little family!

Young at Heart

Lately, I’ve just been enjoying all the activities going on – although I go through short periods of being worn out, from time to time, it’s like I’m a kid again, when it comes to some of the things I’ve been doing these past few weeks! For one, I started clogging again, which is something I learned when I was just a kid. Thankfully, it’s a skill that sticks with you & I was able to jump back in & pick up some of the steps once more. I’m enjoying learning the new routines & getting to hang out with my Mom-in-Law, Li’l Sis-in-Law & a few dear old friends that I’ve known since those days, too. Another thing that recently took me back to my childhood was how one night, when Katrina was at VBS at our church, Jeremy, Alyssa & I went to our local Academy Sports & Outdoor store. They had an aisle of toys like silly putty & other things that he & I got so much enjoyment out of, as kids! We stayed on that aisle for about half an hour, just playing & reminiscing! We actually bought a few things, since they were only 87 cents per item – we’re keeping them in a “grab bag”, to reward Kat for good things that we notice her do. We already gave her a whoopee cushion, to replace the one she had before that I had accidentally popped a whole in, ha-ha! I’m also enjoying all the “Kids’ Summer Movies” Katrina & I have been going to see. A few of our theaters around town offer 1 morning matinee feature per week for only $1 per ticket. They are typically things that were on the big screen the previous year & may now be seen on HBO, or even on DVD; for example, we saw “Alvin & the Chipmunks” last week, tomorrow, we’re looking forward to “Shrek the Third” & soon we’ll be seeing “Bee Movie”. I’m such a kid at heart when it comes to these things. And, earlier today I took Katrina roller skating for the very first time. She had a total blast! Of course, it reminded me of when I was her age, just learning how to skate… good times! I know that I’m a married housewife, and stay-at-home-Mom of 2, but I can’t help but to enjoy all these great things that seem to keep me young!