Time for a Trim!

So, we each got our hair cut recently. In fact, it was Alyssa’s very *first* haircut, so we were a little apprehensive of how she’d act/react, but we made sure to (try to) explain the best way we could. Being only 2 & 1/2, she typically says, “Okay” as an automated response, whether she actually understands, or not, so even when we went to the shop, we weren’t sure if she knew what was going on. Thankfully, she did wonderfully! It was cute/funny, though, how she kept wanting to look in the mirror, even when they were trying to get her to look down. I had to put my hand in her lap, so she could see my pretty ring & that at least kept her attention for a bit, while they snipped the very back/bottom. Katrina picked out her own style & I think she looks like a blonde Ramona Quimby (for those of us who remember those books), too cute! Mine turned out alright. It was not what I expected, nor what I had described, but I still think it’s a good ‘do. They made it the correct length, just not the style I wanted. Guess I need to be more specific, next time around (or go to a different shop; this is the 2nd time they have not done what I asked for)… But, it’s just hair; it’ll grow back & then (hopefully) I can have it fixed the way I want, soon enough! Since Jeremy just had me cut his the same way we always do it, we didn’t take any “before & after” pics of him, but you can see us “3 girls” in the photos below, as taken by Jeremy! Bring on the summer sun! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Time for a Trim!

  1. Heather

    I love you haircut’s. They look good on your ladie’s….And them little ladie’s are getting SO big….I need to come and see you all soon….

  2. Mom

    I have been trying to find Katrina birthday pictures for the last hour.
    please help. did you take them away when you put the new hair pictures on site?
    Love me

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