Photosynth of Our New House

The sheet rock is about to go on our new house, but before it does I wanted to get a series of photos of the house without the sheet rock so I’d know exactly where every pipe, wire and 2×4 is after we move in. It could come in handy.

I took pictures of the whole house, but they’re not really organized very well.  I remembered after I got home about Photosynth.  It’s a web app from Microsoft that lets you recreate a 3d scene from a series of photographs.  I uploaded photos from the living room and game room to create a Photosynth.  You can view it by clicking the image below.


You start out in the game room.  There are complete 360 views of the living and game room and you can walk between them.  It’s a really cool app, but it’s kind of hard to get use to navigating.   Here’s a few tips to help you get around.

1. Put it in full screen mode so you can see what you’re doing.

2. It’ll only let you spin around so far from the image your currently viewing.  To move further in one direction, click on another image and you can keep going.

3. It’s easy to get stuck.  If this happens, use the arrows to navigate or look down and the floor or ceiling to keep moving.

4. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in.  A LOT!

5. It’s easier to walk backwards from the game room to the living room.

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